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Stem Cell Therapy

Recently there has been an interest in “orthobiologics”, or using a patient’s own cells in an attempt to stimulate healing and decrease pain: Namely platelet rich plasma (PRP) and mesenchymal stem cell injections.

Mesenchymal Stem cell therapy works by using the patient’s own stem cells in an attempt to stimulate healing. There are several different types of stem cell sources, including amniotic, bone marrow and adipose tissue (or fat tissue). Dr. Kanaan is currently performing injections using both adipose and bone marrow as he feels that the evidence supports these sources over the use of amniotic stem cell injections. The evidence for stem cell injections is promising with most case studies showing decreases in pain scores, and increases in activities. However, Dr. Kanaan makes it clear to all of his patients that these procedures are purely experimental, and that there are no large clinical studies that show regeneration of tissue with either the PRP or the stem cell treatments.

It is a same day procedure that takes about 60 min from start to finish. If you are flying, you may fly home the same day, but there will be increased pain/discomfort after the procedure. If you are driving, you should have a driver, as there can be some mild to moderate discomfort in the first few hours following the procedure. Typically we do one stem cell injection, followed up with a platelet rich plasma injection. If you are coming in from out of town, this will be taken into consideration and may be modified. Our protocol is continually evolving, so this is ultimately decided on a case-by-case basis.

For adipose (fat) tissue stem cell therapy, lipoaspirates are obtained from the abdomen or “love handle” area through a quick liposuction procedure. The gentle liposuction takes a few minutes, and the whole time in the office is an estimated 60 minutes.

To learn more watch our VIDEO on STEM CELLS 


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