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Carolina Stem Cell Therapy
At Wake Sports Medicine

3100 Blue Ridge Rd.
Suite 203
Raleigh, NC 27612

Phone: (919) 719-2270
Fax: (919) 719-2271

Important Instructions

If you live within 2-3 hours of Raleigh, NC, we will schedule a consultation for an appointment to review your radiology films (x-rays), conduct a physical exam, and determine if you are a good candidate or not. The phone number to schedule is 919-719-2270. Please let the operator know you are scheduling a “Consult for Stem Cells.”

If you live more than 2-3 hours away we can sometimes perform the initial consult by phone or with the help of telemedicine (a virtual consult).

If the consult is not in person, please fax us the following:

  • Recent x-rays, no more than a few months old, are required.
  • Recent MRI if available, no more than a few months old.
  • Medical records (only pertaining to your injury that you are seeking treatment for).

Send the info to:
Wake Sports Medicine, Dr. Kanaan
Fax Number: 919-719-2271

Office Hours for Appointments

MON 8:30am – 4pm (12-1pm Lunch)
TUES 8:30am- 4pm (12-1pm Lunch)
WED 8:30am – Noon
THUR 8:30am- 4pm (12-1pm Lunch)
FRI 8:30am – 4pm (12-1pm Lunch)

Office is open 8am-5pm for phone calls , and to schedule an appointment.

Our Location

Our office is located at:

3100 Blue Ridge Rd.
Suite 203
Raleigh, NC 27612

Near Rex Hospital on the corner of Blue Ride Rd. and Duraleigh Rd. Large brick building. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor.

Areas we Serve

Wake Sports Medicine is a non-surgical orthopedic office located in Raleigh, NC. Our practice provides sports medicine and orthopedic treatment to patients in Raleigh and surrounding areas. Those areas include Cary, Millbrook, Umstead, Apex, Durham, Morrisville, North Raleigh, Wake Forest and other areas in the Research Triangle. We also often treat patients from outside the area (including out of state).